Attendance at classes and lectures is mandatory, not optional. You should contact your seminar leader or lecturer in advance by email if you are unable to attend. If you miss two classes in a row, or three classes in a term, this will instigate disciplinary procedures. Please let someone know as soon apossible if you are having a problem and can’ come to the lessons.


The course is assessed by coursework (2 essays, worth 50% of the course grade) and exam (also worth 50%). Essays questions are to be found on the course outline. The suggested length for essays is 2,000-3,000 words. We’ll be talking more about the requirements of philosophical essays later in the course.

The University has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy with regard to the late submission of coursework. Essays must be submitted both online and in hard copy and any work received after the published deadline will receive zero. There will be no extensions. I therefore suggest that you plan your work well and aim to complete well in advance of the deadline, since receiving a zero will seriously affect your grade average and means you will likely have to retake your first year. You should give yourself as much time as possible to ‘fine-tune’ your work before it is submitted.


Plagiarism is defined by the university as any attempt to use or copy the work of others (whether written, printed or in any other form) without proper acknowledgement in any coursework. The consequences of plagiarism are very serious. If you are found to have used someone else’s work without proper quotation or reference, you can fail the course or even be ejected from the university. In extreme cases you can have a degree taken away retrospectively.

Part of the reason for online submission of essays is so that they can be checked with specialist software that checks for plagiarism. You should familiarise yourself with the guidelines on the requirements for written work in the Student Handbook and the Philosophy Department Undergraduate Handbook as soon as possible. See the guidelines at

Useful Documents

You should ensure that you have copies of all of the following as soon as possible. They are all available from the Undergraduate Philosophy Office (Room 5B.115).

  • Course Outline (includes reading list and essay questions)
  • Guide: Writing Philosophical Essays
  • Undergraduate Student Handbook
  • Early Assessment Exercise
  • Please check the Course Material Repository (CMR) regularly for new items as they become available. This is found at


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