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It great to see people start contributing to the site, and there are already some interesting debates developing. If your post doesn’t appear for a while please note that comments are moderated before they go online. If I’m away from the site for a few days there might be a delay in your comments appearing. If you’re having a persistent problem with posting to the site then do get in touch.


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  1. 1 betin

    On the topic of this week, Euthanasia, I would like to suggest a very good film:“Mar Adentro” (The Sea Inside). The Film is about Ramon Sampedro, who had an accident that confined him to bed. His only wish and constant reflection is about his right to end his life, to have a dignifying death. He thus fought a long campaign in support of euthanasia. Here it is a magnificent example of the ethical (legal, social, and interpersonal) avatars of euthanasia. The question of how to die with dignity is brilliantly portrayed in Almenabar’s film (the director) –not to mention the outstanding performance of Javier Bardem (in the role of Ramon Sampedro). If you wish, you could see more about this film in http://www.theseainside.com/

    One contentious statement to think about in light of this film (and on the readings for this week) is the following: “Life is a right, not an obligation”.

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