Euthanasia: Previous Exam Questions


Since euthanasia is the topic under discussion, you might be interested to know that it has regularly cropped up on the exam for Introduction to Philosophy. Here is a selection of questions from previous years:

2003, Q.2 Construct arguments from virtue theory and utilitarianism against euthanasia.

2004, Q.2 Is it a good moral argument against euthanasia that it might become routine?

2005, Q.3 Is a utilitarian treatment of euthanasia to be preferred to a Kantian one?

Obviously these are not the exact questions that will come up in this year’s exam, but they give you an idea of the kind of questions that you will have to answer if you are taking this course. Although you might fairly expect that this year’s question will be tailored to the way in which we have covered material, do you think that you would be able to deal with this kind of question under exam conditions?


2 Responses to “Euthanasia: Previous Exam Questions”

  1. 1 Snowball

    Is it possible to provide possible answers to these questions? i have made an essay plan on 1(with much difficulty)

  2. If you’re wondering whether I will be posting model answers to these questions, I won’t. It’s for you to decide your own mind on the matter.

    I strongly suggest that you post your own responses and open them up to feedback from others.

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