Essay Deadline: 10th December 07


Don’t forget that the deadline for the first piece of coursework is 4pm on Monday 10th December. All coursework (with the exception of the early assessment exercise) must be submitted online through the University’s online coursework submission website, which will receipt your coursework, and by watermarked hard copy to the Department’s Undergraduate Office 5B.115.

Both the online version of your coursework and the hard copy must be submitted by the deadline(s) given below. If either piece of coursework is submitted after the deadline a mark of zero will be recorded. There are possible reasons why you may be unable to submit work before the deadline. Details of these are given in the Department’s ‘Undergraduate Student Handbook’ and on the University’s website at:

The coursework online submission website is available at: and includes advice and guidance on how to submit your work. It can also be accessed from the `my Study` section of your `my Essex` webpage. The hard copy of your coursework must be handed in at the Undergraduate Office (5B.115). Please make sure it is either stapled or held together by a paper clip with the ‘Essay Cover Sheet’ on top. Copies of the cover sheet are available from 5B.115, or from the Department`s website at:

Here is a reminder of the essay questions:

1. Is it morally wrong to commit suicide? Justify your answer.
2. Which form of euthanasia, if any, is defensible in principle?
3. Explain and assess Thomson’s defence of the moral permissibility of abortion.
4. Is consequentialism or deontology more defensible as an approach in ethics? Answer with reference to at least one of the following issues: suicide; euthanasia; abortion; and extreme poverty.


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