Exam Preparation


You can use this entry to share thoughts about the upcoming exam, discuss previous questions and share questions about material from the course. I will check periodically and offer comment!


5 Responses to “Exam Preparation”

  1. 1 Matthew

    Any advice?

  2. The best place to start is with the exam papers from the past few years. These can be found at http://www.essex.ac.uk/philosophy/undergraduate/past_exam_papers.aspx. Try to see what kind of questions come up regularly and write model answers. It’s a good idea to practice writing answers under exam conditions and then revising them and trying to improve them. You can’t predict what will be in the exam, but certain key areas and thinkers do come up regularly. If you revise, say, six of these there will be a fair chance that you’ll be able to answer three questions on the day. It’s also important to spend time at the start of the exam reading the questions carefully and planning your answers.

  3. 3 Matthew

    Dear Rob,

    Many thanks for the advice. I really feel I’m getting somewhere now.

  4. 4 Matthew

    From looking through the past papers I am aware that virtue ethics springs up a lot. I do not remember anything about virtue ethics in the course this year. Does anyone know if it may still come up and if so any advice.

  5. I think it highly unlikely that virtue ethics will figure as a question this time around, since we did not really spend any time on it on the course. That said, it might be worth acquainting yourself with the basics as there might be the chance to show off a little bit. It’s not something I recommend you spend a lot of time on though!

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