Think you’re open-minded? This interesting discussion of open-mindedness, the burden of proof and supernatural beliefs might interest you…


One Response to “Open-minded?”

  1. 1 upshot777

    I can understand that attributing to a certain concept the supernatural or supernatural explanations has the habit of eliminating all other possible explanations…but don’t the scientists close their minds to at least one possible explanation when they eliminate the supernatural completely as a possible explanation?

    Also, a few believers (I’m an agnostic theist, if there is such a thing) I have run across have allowed for the scientific explanations and even looked for them, without excluding the supernatural. These few will tell me that sensible explanations do not irradicate rational higher powers, necessarily.

    There can still be the evolution and the creator, so these people will say to me. What say you to this? Also, these few seem pretty rational, they aren’t spooky folks who believe in ghosts, but down to earth individuals who simply suspect that there may be a god, after all.

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