Kill the Fat Man?


Here’s an interesting thought experiment from TPM. It’s essentially a variation on Philipa Foot’s well-known ‘trolley experiment’. Give it a go and see how consistent your morals are…

Should you kill the fat man?


3 Responses to “Kill the Fat Man?”

  1. 1 Philosopher Meehan

    Hmm…yet another philisophical puzzle for me to ponder on. If I could ask, how would I be physically able to lift and throw the fat man over the bridge? Surely the logic behind this thought-provoking scenario undermines question itself? But lets just suspend our disbelief for a moment, and suppose that I am capable of grabbing a heavily obese individual and hurling him off a great height- then yes, if its GUARANTEED to save the helpless victims, thats probably what I would would do.

  2. 2 Philosopher Meehan

    It appears there are several grammatical errors in the above post. Apologies.
    “undermines THE question itself”
    repetition of the word “would” on the final line.

  3. 3 Eaves

    Ahh, if you read the thought experiement carefully Marty (the person who you are) is able to push the fat man, so the thought experiement can work for people of all sizes and builds and does not require the reader to be a body builder. I will not pass comment on the grammatical errors.

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