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Welcome to the homepage for PY-111 (Introduction to Philosophy) at the University of Essex. This website supports those taking this course by providing additional learning materials, a forum for discussion and the extension of the learning environment outside the classroom.

Students are encouraged to comment on entries, pursue themes from the seminars in dialogue with each other and share reflections on material from the course and philosophy more widely construed.

This site is not officially affiliated to the University of Essex.  All queries should be directed to Robert Farrow (

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2 Responses to “The Site”

  1. To David Edmunds and Nigel Warburton

    Just a note to say that I found the interview with Angie Hobbs on “Plato and Erotic Love”
    enjoyable and informative. Also your interview with Alain De Botton and Peter Singer, the list goes on and on.

    Great work, please keep it up, wish you both great Succsss in making Philosophy accessible to all in the world.

    Also, please place me on your email list for future programs and events.



  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Raul; but I’m afraid that I’m not responsible for the interviews, other than that I link to them! I have forwarded your comments to the relevant parties. Glad you liked the interviews though… you could contact Nigel directly through

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