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Hello All Many thanks to everyone who contributed to today’s class – I thinnk Tooley’s paper is a provocative piece and so makes for a good discussion.  Those of you who gave Tooly a rough ride in class had some interesting ideas that are well worth pursuing…you might be on to something… Next week is a reading […]

According to this report from BBC News, there is some evidence that in the UK families of Indian origin are aborting unborn foetuses simply because they are female. In Indian culture, it is held preferable to have sons since they bring money into the family and do not require a dowry. An estimated seven million […]

You can find Mark Goldblatt’s article on the abortion debate for Philosophy Now magazine here.

Judith Jarvis Thomson has argued that pregnancies resulting from a rape or where the life of the mother is in danger should be terminated on moral grounds. In ‘A Defence of Abortion’ she begins by conceding that an unborn baby is indeed a person – the argument offered most often by those opposed to abortion […]

‘The Silent Scream’ (1984) is an influential film about abortion that has been used by pro-life campaigners to argue that the unborn child experiences pain even when abortions are performed during the legal time limit. It describes the termination process in great detail and shows an abortion taking place in ultrasound. The film was produced […]

Should abortions be freely available?

This question is distinct from asking at what point ‘life’ begins. A foetus is clearly a living entity. We do not, in general, ascribe the same set of moral obligations to a foetus that we do to a person. For example, we find it quite unacceptable to terminate a person because they were the product […]