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Length: 1 – 1, 500 words Questions (answer one) 1. Is it morally wrong to commit suicide? Justify your answer 2. Which form of euthanasia, if any, is defensible in principle? Good luck and remember to upload your essay too! Advertisements

Remember that the final deadline for the submission of the second piece of coursework is this Monday.  As before, you need to make sure that you watermark your essay by submitting it online before handing a paper (watermarked) copy to the Undergraduate Office.

As it is reading week next week, many of you will no doubt be in the process of working on your second round of coursework. Bearing the way you approached the first essay in mind, here are some general tips that you might find helpful: Think carefully about how you are going to answer the […]

Don’t forget that the deadline for the first piece of coursework is 4pm on Monday 10th December. All coursework (with the exception of the early assessment exercise) must be submitted online through the University’s online coursework submission website, which will receipt your coursework, and by watermarked hard copy to the Department’s Undergraduate Office 5B.115. Both […]

If you haven’t done so already, you really should get hold of the Essex Philosophy department guide entitled ‘Writing Philosophical Essays’. You can get a paper copy from the Undergraduate Philosophy Office or download it directly from the Course Materials Repository at Please note that this document is restricted to members of the University […]

Since euthanasia is the topic under discussion, you might be interested to know that it has regularly cropped up on the exam for Introduction to Philosophy. Here is a selection of questions from previous years: 2003, Q.2 Construct arguments from virtue theory and utilitarianism against euthanasia. 2004, Q.2 Is it a good moral argument against […]

To develop your skills at closely reading philosophical texts and writing in a concise and clear way, there will be an assessment exercise for you to complete before the first peice of coursework you write. The mark for this assessment is formative, and will not count towards your final grade. However, it is an important […]