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Here’s an interesting thought experiment from TPM. It’s essentially a variation on Philipa Foot’s well-known ‘trolley experiment’. Give it a go and see how consistent your morals are… Should you kill the fat man? Advertisements

Link: Kant


Here’s a useful link to information about the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, or transcendental idealism.

“Suppose, for example, that you and another person are shipwrecked on a desert island and the other person is dying. Before he dies, he gives you a sum of money and makes you promise that, if you are rescued, you will give the money to a certain Austin Jones, his unacknowledged illegitimate son. You promise; […]

You can find a full e-text of Kant’s ‘Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals’ at You will note that the title is given on this site is ‘Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals’. This is simply a different translation of the original German title (‘Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten’). If you wish to […]

• Kant’s is a deontological and absolutist moral theory. • ‘Deon’ is the ancient Greek word for duty. (‘Dei’ = one must.) Deontological moral theories permit or forbid different actions by arguing that each of them is right or wrong with respect to moral duties. Deontological theories state that actions are right or wrong in […]

Kant discusses the morality of suicide in Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals: “A man feels sick of life as the result of a series of misfortunes that has mounted to the point of despair, but he is still so far in possession of his reason to ask himself whether taking his own life may […]