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50,000 hits!


Although this website is no longer regularly maintained, it continues to draw traffic.  By the time you read this, this site will have reached 50,000 hits. I hope you’re finding the site useful!  I welcome feedback and questions.  My homepage is now at Rob Advertisements

Length: 1 – 1, 500 words Questions (answer one) 1. Is it morally wrong to commit suicide? Justify your answer 2. Which form of euthanasia, if any, is defensible in principle? Good luck and remember to upload your essay too!

Next Year


Steve Gormley has kindly agreed to keep this site running next year, as I will no longer be teaching this course. I might take a break from PhD work to pop back in next year though! Thanks to all for their contributions. Feel free to keep commenting on the site.

Remember that the final deadline for the submission of the second piece of coursework is this Monday.  As before, you need to make sure that you watermark your essay by submitting it online before handing a paper (watermarked) copy to the Undergraduate Office.

As it is reading week next week, many of you will no doubt be in the process of working on your second round of coursework. Bearing the way you approached the first essay in mind, here are some general tips that you might find helpful: Think carefully about how you are going to answer the […]

Much of the reading for this term has already been copied and put into packs for ease of use.  You can buy these packs from the Philosophy department, but you need to take your money to the Income/Cashier Office on Square 2.  They will provide you with a receipt which you can take to the […]

New Domain Name


I have decided to give the site a proper url of its own. The site can now be accessed through

Don’t forget that the deadline for the first piece of coursework is 4pm on Monday 10th December. All coursework (with the exception of the early assessment exercise) must be submitted online through the University’s online coursework submission website, which will receipt your coursework, and by watermarked hard copy to the Department’s Undergraduate Office 5B.115. Both […]

If you haven’t done so already, you really should get hold of the Essex Philosophy department guide entitled ‘Writing Philosophical Essays’. You can get a paper copy from the Undergraduate Philosophy Office or download it directly from the Course Materials Repository at Please note that this document is restricted to members of the University […]

It great to see people start contributing to the site, and there are already some interesting debates developing. If your post doesn’t appear for a while please note that comments are moderated before they go online. If I’m away from the site for a few days there might be a delay in your comments appearing. […]



Attendance Attendance at classes and lectures is mandatory, not optional. You should contact your seminar leader or lecturer in advance by email if you are unable to attend. If you miss two classes in a row, or three classes in a term, this will instigate disciplinary procedures. Please let someone know as soon apossible if […]

This course is open to all first-year students whose degree schemes permit them to choose an optional course. It is compulsory for students on the BA Philosophy, BA Philosophy and History, BA Philosophy with Human Rights; BA Philosophy and Law, LLB Law and Philosophy, BA Philosophy and Literature, BA Philosophy and/with Modern Languages, BA Philosophy […]