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Who is the greatest philosopher of all time? This is not a question to which we are likely to find a staightforward answer, but it remains an important one. The BBC ran a vote in 2005, and Karl Marx came out as the clear winner. But the list itself provdes a good starting point for […]

I mentioned Hume’s sceptical objection to arguments from religious experience or miracles in class.  You can find a fuller account of Hume’s critique here, here and here.  Hume’s critiques of religion have been incredibly influential and in many ways he is the ultimate religious sceptic.  Hume lived in the 18th century, a time when atheism was frowned upon.  Many […]

Hume is famous for arguing that it is not logically possible to base an ethical argument in pure reason. His most famous expression of this has come to be known as the ‘is-ought’ problem. Hume argued that there is no logically necessary connection between the ways things are and the way they should be, and […]