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Hello All Many thanks to everyone who contributed to today’s class – I thinnk Tooley’s paper is a provocative piece and so makes for a good discussion.  Those of you who gave Tooly a rough ride in class had some interesting ideas that are well worth pursuing…you might be on to something… Next week is a reading […]



We normally think of zombies as flesh-eating soulless automations animated by evil forces or radioactive waste. In philosophy of mind, ‘zombies’ are hypothetical creatures that share all the physical characteristics of human beings – including behaviour – but are entirely devoid of consciousness. This can even extend to sharing neurological and biochemical structures. Zombies are […]

These characters from Plato’s dialogues The Republic and Gorgias respectively are often thought of as arch moral sceptics.  They both challenge conventional morality as nothing more than an illusion created by the weak masses to control those who, by their nature, would have an advantage over everybody else.  Needless to say, Socrates ends up showing […]